Photo of Matthew Broughton
Matthew Broughton - Designer & Illustrator

Matthew is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, known for his versatility and creativity. Based in Melbourne, Australia, serving a wide variety clients both locally and internationally - kind of like your own personal off-site art department, but without the dramas.
Sometimes it's hard to pigeon hole people, and Matthew is no exception. He has worked on everything from corporate branding through to commissions for illustrations and artwork. 
With over 20 years experience as both an in-house designer and an independent contractor he has; collaborated, co-created and led design initiatives for a diverse range of clients in: education, clothing, business and the arts.
As side from his design work, Matthew is a practicing visual artist and has artwork published in books, on clothing and in private collections within Australia and internationally.
• Graphic design
• Illustration
• Artwork
• Print and Web design
• Textile designs
• T-Shirts
• Logos
• Signage
• Book illustration

Clients (Past and Present)
French Connection UK, Fairfax Media, Penguin Randomhouse New York, Conga Foods, JG Kings Homes, Royal Canin, Telstra, University of Ballarat and Knox City Council.

A short video portfolio
Portfolio Showreel of a selection of graphic design and illustration. Music by Matthew Broughton.