Lino cut and wood cut prints printmaking artwork, which includes, etchings and lino cut prints.

I like the bold and graphic nature of wood and lino block printing. Working purely with tones made from carving and engraving into the lino or the wooden plate, keeps me in-touch with a printmaking tradition that goes back centuries. It really is the opposite of working on the computer as an illustrator and designer, where I'm everything can be done quickly while sitting in front of a screen.

All these artworks and more are available for sale. A lino cut can make a beautiful gift or a timeless piece of art in your home.

If you wish to purchase a limited edition lino cut print, please contact me directly for inquiries or you can visit my online store at
Commissions are also available and welcome.

Below is a gallery of some of my prints: Melbourne Tram, Black Cockatoo, Luna Park, Banksia and a VW Kombi.
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